Jobs at Homeschooling Carnation in Cirebon City

Jobs at Homeschooling Carnation to take the position of elementary, junior high, high school teacher for the subjects:
2. Bahasa Indonesia
3. English
4. Mathematics
5. IPS (Geography, Sociology, Economics)
6. Science (Chemistry, Physics, Biology)

1. S1 minimum semester end according to the field above
2. Minimum GPA 2.75
3. Mastering material that is creative, creative and innovative in carrying out learning
4. Dedicate and work hard
5. Have good ability to work in teams
6. Able to speak english active and passive (english-majors)
7. Loving children's education

Send an application to:
HSCC Office
Jalan Ciremai Raya E-12
City of Cirebon
HP: 081323717184 - 081804637676

This job advertisement was published on December 13, 2017