The Latest Jobs in Companies Engaged in the Distribution of LPG Gas

The latest jobs in companies engaged in the distribution of LPG Gas require new workforce, for the part as:

1. Consultancy
2. Technician
3. Marketing

- minimum education of SMA / SMK equal to all majors,
- age 17-27 years

1. Mess for those outside the city
2. Daily and weekly bonuses
3. Income per month
4. Career + health benefits

Special requirements:
1. Application letter (general)
2. 3x4 photo pass (2 sheets)
3. Physically and mentally healthy
4. Not at work / work elsewhere
5. Responsible and honest

Interested Nagi contact:
Kang Ramdhani 082318466660
Highway Otista block Jambe
Tegalsari Village - Plered

This job advertisement was published on November 5, 2017