Jobs in Cirebon Mega Building

Jobs in a specialty retail company building materials, in Cirebon Mega Building to accelerate the sales process.

It takes SPG / SPM Stark Led
for placement in Cirebon Mega Building.

  - Man Woman
  - High school / vocational education
  - Maximum age 27 years
  - Willing to work shifting
  - Willing to work on national holidays / big days

  - Salary of UMK Cirebon 2017

  Immediately send your complete application and CV to:
email or
WA to Bpk. Ian 0877-8200-1949.
  Or visit the supermarket directly
Jalan Raya Sunan Gunung Jati Home Giant Tangkil
  Applications are waiting at the latest until late November of November 2017.

  This job advertisement was published on November 11, 2017