Jobs at Bank BCA for Placement in Jakarta

As the company grows, the need for quality human resources will increase. To find qualified human resources of course required a reliable and professional recruiters.

The role of recruiters is important and strategic in determining the success of BCA in the future through the fulfillment of qualified human resources. At BCA, a recruiter will collaborate with various work units to find the human resources that suit the needs and corporate culture.

In this case, the recruiter must be able to define the criteria of the candidate along with the work unit, determine the appropriate selection method and conduct a careful interview process to get the best talent who wants to develop himself and work with BCA.

- Minimum S1 from the Department of Psychology Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.75 (Strata 1) and 3.00 (Strata 2) from 4.00 scale
- Maximum age 28 years Experience 1-2 years as a recruiter
- Have the ability to identify and analyze worker positions tailored to the competence of workers
- Have good interview skills
- Having good communication skills
- Have good interpersonal skills
- Placement in Jakarta

Shipping job application and CV online through the official portal of Bank BCA
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This job advertisement was published on November 6, 2017